HR and the Executive Coach

Executive Coaching – The Sage Human Resources Solution

As most Human Resources and Employee Relations departments continue to feel the pressures of higher human performance with fewer resources to accomplish their mission – the frustration grows. Whether is it is downsizing, upsizing or right-sizing the organization or dealing with performance or succession issues the burden often falls on the H.R. team. The place more companies and their Executives are turning to is the Executive Coach. Like Merlin to King Arthur the Sage can give the King a relationship to explore the challenges of being King or Queen in fair times and foul. The Executive Coach can offer the Executive a context for reflection and refreshment. It is lonely at the top but it does not have to be with an effective Executive Coach.

One of the reasons H.R. professionals use the Executive Coach solution is the flexibility it offers. Executive Coaching offers the alternatives of an ongoing resource, a fixer in a crisis and a way to salvage a valuable person who is floundering. These outside specialists allow the company and the Executive to benefit from a third party solution who can be an important bridge where there has been conflict or change.

For Executives who are going through a career or performance slump the Executive Coach provides a relationship where you can explore the many factors contributing to the challenging time. Unlike a colleague or subordinate in the company where disclosures of uncertainty or frustration could undermine their leadership the Executive Coach can be there to listen and reflect.

The opportunity to put into words the difficulties faced can liberate the Executive who would be otherwise reluctant to speak about it. This process when guided by an Executive Coach begins to give the Executive the opportunity to rediscover the greatness within and return to the confidence that had been their hallmark before the slump. Along with identifying the challenges and disappointments, the Executive can begin to craft their future.

The Executive Coach is able to be the one who serves both the Company and the Executive during this time as an independent actor. The Executive has the support of the Company through the Executive Coach but the company is able to be arm’s length through the relationship. This gives the Executive a new lease on their career with the company or a clear understanding of a time to move on.

When a move is necessary the Executive Coach can provide a positive support to make the transition to the next chapter a successful one for the Executive. Having a forward-looking approach that learns the lessons from the past but concentrates on the future can change the separation experience. That is a key reason why some Executives look back on their former employers with anger and bitterness while others can look back on the good achieved together. How these relationships end can make a big difference in how the former company is viewed long term – something that will potentially enhance or injure the brand. Investing in a positive exit experience is good for everyone ?and effective Executive Coaches can be a key part of that story.

While all of this is true at the most senior levels, it is also true of management on all levels as each cluster of the company has its own issues of leadership and team that the area manager influences for better or for worse. For that reason, Executive Coaches are not just for the CEOs but for every layer of management where the Company has an investment in personnel to protect.

Some sage advice?

Find the Executives who could benefit from an Executive Coach now and you will improve the quality and length of your Executive’s stewardship of your company.

“Grant Fairley provided executive coaching services to a number of our team members who were at different levels of responsibility. Each colleague had different areas of professional development identified for Grant’s coaching. We had excellent communication with him throughout the process. In all cases, Grant’s work encouraged and challenged those he coached. I would highly recommend Grant as an executive coach.”

Laura Chartrand
Sr. Director, Human Resources
Loblaw Companies Limited

If you are at a place where confidential professional development through executive coaching can help you – give us a call or send us an email.

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